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Noul multimetru digital DMG1

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Noul multimetru digital DMG1

Multimetrele digitale DMG100 - 110 sunt capabile pentru vizualizarea parametrilor electrici cu mare precizie pe un ecran cu display LCD care permite supervizarea si gestionarea retelelor de distributie a energiei electrice.

The main electrical characteristics of the new models are suitable for different installation types:

  • auxiliary power supply: 100...240VAC - 120...250VDC;
  • 3-ph+N measurement voltage inputs: 50...720VAC (600VAC rated);
  • suitable for 3-ph with and without neutral, balanced 3-ph, 2-ph, single phase, Aron (reading of 3-phase systems without neutral with only two CTs) configurations;
  • possibility of installation of a voltage transformer for medium voltage applications;
  • 3-ph current inputs: 25mA...6AAC through current transformer (CTs);
  • programmable CT secondary: /5A or /1A;
  • voltage and current accuracy: 0.5% on the measurement;
  • energy accuracy: EN62053-21 Class 1 (active) - Class 2 EN62053-23 (reactive);
  • 4 quadrants measurements, suitable for cogeneration systems;
  • LCD icon display with white backlight;
  • built-in RS485 serial port for DMG110.

Compatibility with Synergy and Xpress software
DMG110, thanks to the built-in RS485 serial port, is already compatible with the current version of Synergy supervision software, which can be downloaded from www.lovatoelectric.com web site.
Running the new configuration and control software Xpress, access to DMG110 is possible in order to:

  • modify all the parameters;
  • send commands;
  • verify open alarms;
  • monitor the main measures.

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